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I’m the 16th great-grandson of Geoffrey Chaucer. (Maybe.)

Geoffrey Chaucer

Over a Christmas holiday while playing at genealogy I also found that it’s likely all of us Edwards decedents can trace our heritage back to a bastard son of Henry VIII.Most charts of family lineage take a circuitous route to find remotely related noteworthy and notorious kin. But I was pleased to discover a straight line linking me to the father of English literature.


While some might claim to be “of royal blood.” I however think it more likely that I’ve only proved that my detractors were right all along, and that I am an S.O.B.

My CV might look like this:

Former CEO, CMO, serial entrepreneur, market strategist, and suburban cowboy

Team builder–recruiting and developing the best talent.


OEM sales from $1.25-million to more than $100-million in royalties. Team lead for human-interface & marketing of apps on millions of handsets. Speaker / panelist at CES, CTIA, ComicCon, SXSW, and other events. And before all that…

There’s a decade+ of theater, NYU hobnobbing with now famous film school buddies, then marketing anything that pays as the brilliant but self-loathing adman, a decade as the ponytailed creative guy  (the hair was a personal branding affectation), and of course advocating technology hardware, software, services for servers, desktops, and those millions of mobile apps.

Then there’s this…

Douglas |ˈdʌgləs| is also the name of the capital of the Isle of Man; pop. 27,200 



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